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Microsoft 365 Streamlines Your Digital Needs

Microsoft 365 is here to stay and help bridge that gap between your business and its digital needs.

Previously known as Office 365 – Microsoft 365 is now the new name for the company’s subscription-based services. Though it still carries all the services of Office 365, it also packs in a lot of benefits for its subscribers. The 1 TB of cloud storage in One Drive and even the 60 Skype minutes are just some of the advantages you get with the service. 

Geared towards business needs

Microsoft had businesses in mind when designing the Microsoft 365 from the ground up. It is a productive cloud-based solution to most business needs. It is able to bring together all the powerful Microsoft apps into any of your devices. It combines a powerful cloud service, information management across devices covered with advanced security features. 

Unmatched productivity

Microsoft 365 redefines collaboration between your employees providing information and content they need at any given time. This is possible because you have access to Microsoft Office apps on any of your devices anytime. This includes Outlook for your emails as well as productivity apps such as Word, Excel, and even PowerPoint. Some plans will even allow you to install apps on up to 5 devices. Transferring installation is also a breeze if you choose to change devices in the future. Office mobile apps can also help businesses transition seamlessly between Android and iPhone smartphones.

Make your time count

Microsoft 365 gives you the freedom to focus on your business and use your time on what matters most. This means updating your apps all happens behind the scenes automatically. This helps ensure that you and your team are all using up to date apps across all your devices. This frees up your time and you get to focus on more important business matters.

Communication is seamless

Sending out emails and putting important dates in your calendar is an integral part of any business. Microsoft helps businesses in Sydney and all over the country stay on top of this need. App users will have access to contacts, emails, as well as shared calendars anytime. This enables people to make informed business decisions with all the information right on their devices.

Connections are intuitive

Connecting and communicating with other members of your team is easy with Microsoft 365. Regardless if you simply need to chat or even switch to an online meeting, it has what you need to be on the same page with people that matters. You can collaborate with your team by easily sharing and editing files as well. 

Video conferencing gives you the chance to collaborate with people in your business in real-time. While on the call, you can choose to share your screen to show all participants’ information as you go along. File sharing is also a feature you can use to send across important documents securely.

Security is paramount

Cloud storage is one of the key features of the service as it gives you about 1TB of OneDrive storage. This allows you to save and access a considerable amount of data conveniently. You can choose not only to access but co-author, update, and even send out these documents to other people securely. You can rest easy knowing your business documents are safe from unauthorized access and even accidental deletion.

Microsoft 365 has carved its way as an essential business service. It allows you to focus on running the business with apps that integrate into your operations seamlessly.


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