ICNE’s Secure Offsite Backup Services

ICNE’s Secure Offsite Backup Services streamline Return To Service (RTS) time to satisfy the most stringent resumption requirement of your mission-critical IT infrastructure and operation in the event of a catastrophic disruption to your primary IT site.

We have the capability, capacity, and facility to rebuild and restore your core servers at your primary IT site within one business day using our secure offsite backup services and loan servers provisions. We achieve rapid recovery of your servers using virtual boot, either remotely or at a local functional site. We centrally monitor and manage your IT operation resumption process to streamline efficiency and increase restoration reliability.


Key Features

  • Provision of backups infrastructure and backups licenses
  • Daily health check of backups
  • Quarterly backups validation
  • Centralised console management for real-time monitoring
  • IT infrastructure security patching
  • Bare metal recovery of Windows servers in minutes
  • Backup images recovery and restoration to and from physical systems and virtual environments (P2V, V2P, and V2V)
  • Hardware-independent restoration of backup images between different systems (P2P)
  • Full support for online backup of applications such as Exchange and SQL
  • Scheduled automatic full and incremental backups
  • Bootable recovery CD to provide automatic hardware detection and network support
  • A simple view to quickly recover files and folders or update backup images
  • Compressed and encrypted backup images for efficiency and security
  • Backup images saved to USB, Firewire, NAS, SAN, or any network location
  • Storage capacity expansion to cater for future growth



  • Best-practice backups infrastructure, provisions, and procedures
  • Rapid and reliable disaster recovery, systems migration, and IT operation resumption
  • Enhanced IT governance and risk management
  • Peace of mind
Description Client Owned & Operated1 ICNE Managed Service2
Backup Infrastructure Checkmark Checkmark
Daily health checks Checkmark Checkmark
Backup licenses Checkmark Checkmark
Quarterly backup validation checks (virtual boot backup images) Checkmark Checkmark
Centralized Console management for real-time monitoring Checkmark
Storage expansion to cover for future growth Checkmark
Infrastructure Security Patching Checkmark
COST Per SERVER Per Month3  $141  $120

1. This cost comparison doesn’t take into account customer site running costs of electricity, internet connection maintenance. 2. ICNE managed and monitored in a secure location. 3. Based on 3 servers being backed up.

Backup 1 Server

Backup 2 servers


Backup 3 servers


*Pricing is per server per month, invoiced on a quarterly basis based on a 2 year subscription.

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