IT Project Management

IT Project Management

ICNE has IT project management expertise, experience, and track record in a wide range of successful projects of varying scope and complexity. We can help you timely deliver budgeted projects. Our IT project management services encompass all elements for the effective delivery of solutions to achieve your objectives. We tailor our services to your specific terms of reference, from collaborative definition of objectives and scope, to the execution of all or part of the lifecycle tasks.

If you experience a lingering IT issue which requires explicating and resolving, we will investigate and diagnose the root-cause of the issue. We will research, devise, and recommend solutions to address the issue. We can help you plan, coordinate, manage, and implement your preferred solution, or work alongside in-house or third party resources or both to deliver the results.

ICNE’s IT project management services are applicable to all your IT-based business needs. Examples include hardware and software upgrades and rollouts; website design, development, and implementation; point-of-sales systems implementation; networks and communications systems design, commissioning, installation, and upgrades; and a wide range of IT project management activities.


Key Features

  • Tailored based on your specific terms of reference and objectives
  • Highly skilled expertise and proven experience
  • Capabilities to address a wide range of needs, issues, and problems of varying scope, difficulty, and complexity
  • No IT project management assignment is too small or too large, too simple or too complex
  • Collaborative synergy and capability to work alongside in-hour or third party resources or both
  • Best-practice IT project management methodology and methods, as well as administration and


  • Timely delivery according to scheduled milestones and objectives
  • Budgeted to optimise the values for your technology investments
  • Improved projects success rate to serve the needs of your business


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