IT Assessment & Planning

IT Review and Planning

ICNE’s IT assessment & planning services are designed to safeguard, enhance, and create business values to optimise return on your IT investments. We appraise the efficiency and effectiveness of your IT infrastructure and operation against your business goals and objectives, and recommend strategies to support and grow your business.

At the strategic level, we profile your IT infrastructure and operation against your business imperatives and best-practice benchmarks, and help you establish the business case for your IT investments. We advise you on competitive technological development and trends relevant to your specific business context, and help you formulate strategies, solutions, and plans.

At the operational level, we have the skills, experience, and expertise to help you with a range of assessment & planning activities, including workflow assessment, improvement design, planning, and implementation; business continuity planning, solution design, and implementation; disaster recovery planning, solution design, and implementation; costing and budgeting including advice on cost-efficiency improvement and business value optimisation; viability studies; and impact assessments.

At the projects level, we provide assessment and planning as part of our project management services.


Key Features

  • Variety of assessment & planning focus, at strategic, operational, and project levels
  • Business-driven assessment & planning to support and grow your business
  • Forward-looking strategies, solutions, and plans
  • Budgeted strategies, solutions, and plans
  • Best-practice benchmarks, methodologies, and methods


  • Harnessing and optimising business values from IT investments
  • IT infrastructure and operation that are strategically-aligned to support your business goals
  • Competitive advantage through forward-looking strategies, solutions, and plans
  • Robust and sustainable IT infrastructure and operation
  • Enhanced IT governance and risk management


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