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IP Surveillance Solutions

IP Surveillance Solutions


ICNE is an Australian leader in the design, supply, development & support of electronic security solutions in Sydney. We strive to bring our customers high-quality products, exceptional service and innovative security solutions for all applications & industries.


Here at ICNE, we offer you peace of mind with our great IP Surveillance Solutions.

IP Video Surveillance designs and consulting services work with the establishment to find the best solution for your needs. This includes mapping out the venue and analysing the best possible camera locations for maximum coverage.

We only supply and install the latest in security technology from leading Australian suppliers to ensure we offer customers quality products and after-sales service. Our highly qualified technical staff work to the highest standards, we pride ourselves in the quality of our workmanship from cabling through to fit-off and commissioning.

At ICNE we offer complete refits to staged upgrades using encoders. Not only are our new IP systems more reliable but they also offer better image quality and can be integrated with analytics software VMS systems. IP systems can also be integrated with Surveillance Status Check to ensure you are aware if your Surveillance System ever falls offline.

Our service agreement generally includes a scheduled monthly call-out for general maintenance on the surveillance systems, and to check everything is working as it should.

The major advantage of IP technology is that it offers higher quality video and wireless compatibility.


If you want to protect your building, employees, assets, etc, video surveillance at your business is a definite must-have. The majority of businesses and organisations use CCTV surveillance systems to monitor everyday activity both during work hours and beyond. IP (internet protocol) is the best system available when it comes to video surveillance.

An IP surveillance system in the simplest terms is a digital video camera system that can both send and receive a signal through a computer network.

  • Accessibility - If you are connected to the internet, you can access your surveillance cameras anytime
  • Resolution - High definition IP cameras allows for unbelievable zoom-in capabilities with cameras
  • Storage - with IP video surveillance, all footage is stored digitally. You can save and store as much footage as you wish if your hard drive permits it or you can store it in the cloud
  • Low Maintenance - an IP video surveillance system cuts down the costs without the need of time-lapse video equipment
  • Secure transmission - data is securely transmitted to the cloud

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