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Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration


Cloud migration is the process of transferring databases, applications, and IT processes into the cloud, or from one cloud to another.


Cloud migration is the process of moving applications, data, and other components hosted on servers inside an organisation to a cloud-based infrastructure.

Some of the leading cloud providers are Amazon AWSMicrosoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. These not only provide the hardware but also offer a variety of rich apps and services for continuous integration, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and more. At ICNE, our cloud-neutral products can easily integrate with most leading cloud-based solutions.

Much like a move from a smaller office to a larger one, cloud migration requires quite a lot of preparation and advance work, but usually, it ends up being worth the effort, resulting in cost savings and greater flexibility.


What to expect with a cloud platform:

  • Scalability: Cloud computing can scale up to support larger workloads and greater numbers of users far more easily than on-premises infrastructure
  • Cost: Companies that move to the cloud often vastly reduce the amount they spend on IT operations, since the cloud providers handle maintenance and upgrades.
  • Performance: For some businesses, moving to the cloud can enable them to improve performance and the overall user experience for their customers.
  • Flexibility: Users, whether they're employees or customers, can access the cloud services and data they need from anywhere.


Move your servers, apps, databases and other workloads to using the migration approach that’s right for your business. There’s no single cloud migration process that works for every organisation, but the main implementation stages are similar for all businesses and industries: define your strategy, make a plan, ready your business and adopt the cloud – then govern and manage your environment.

The Cloud framework is a proven approach that’s designed to help you through all of the stages of your project with confidence – from cloud assessment and migration planning to securing and optimising your environment.

ICNE helps businesses accelerate their cloud strategy by offering an automated, easy, and rapid development and deployment process for cloud-based applications. 

Let our experts handle your cloud migration complexities so you can focus on moving your business forward.


See the benefits of migrating to a cloud platform:

  • Agility and speed - With the cloud, procurement of new inventory and storage space is reduced to a matter of days or even hours
  • Operational efficiency - The simplicity in cloud solutions makes teams more productive.
  • Security - Most popular cloud solutions have robust built-in security programs.
  • Bundled services - Cloud providers package several useful features such as disaster recovery and monitoring
  • Higher resource availability - The cloud environment comes with a no-downtime promise that increases the availability of resources
  • Cost savings - at large volumes, the unit price of servers comes down noticeably in comparison with native data centres

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