• Managed IT and Cloud Services for small, medium and large businesses in the Sydney Region.



About Us

We’re committed to helping our customers thrive through technology.

ICNE is an IT solutions and Managed Services Provider delivering outstanding business IT, cloud, and communications solutions to small and medium businesses.

The ICNE Difference

  • A sustainable infrastructure that functions productively to serve your daily operational needs
  • A versatile infrastructure that is capable of supporting your current and emerging business needs
  • A reliable infrastructure that can be maintained readily to operate at a high-performance standard
  • 24/7 hours support and flexible pricing

ICNE was founded in 2000 by John Martin. His goal was to provide businesses with strong IT foundations and result-oriented solutions, and that’s exactly what we do today. We are in IT for you because we care about the success and longevity of your company.

If you are frustrated by protracted IT issues and problems, we work with you to resolve and rectify them. In the process of doing so, we help you improve the architecture of your IT environment and streamline your IT operation.

Our business has expanded through word-of-mouth references from highly satisfied clients. You will find us responsive and attentive, professional and dependable, ethical, and forward-looking.

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The soundness of your IT environment is our business.

We will be honoured to help you attain a value-creating IT operation that is sustainable, versatile, and reliable to fit all your office IT requirements and expectations.

Each of our team members are fully skilled and experienced in providing the best IT experience you can find in Sydney, so we will create the best solutions to meet all your office IT needs.

Our team is dedicated to making the most of your current IT software and resources and optimising them to give you the best performance your business demands in order to grow and thrive. With streamlined Cloud Solutions and Microsoft 365 services, your business will become a top competitor with our IT support behind you.

We are one of the best qualified and most knowledgeable in the Sydney IT business and we can guarantee that you won’t find a better team than ours. We offer professionalism, expertise, higher knowledge, and a better understanding of what you’re looking for in Office IT Services.

Businesses We’re Proud To Call Our Customers.